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Open House


Belonging to the Villages of Kensington means having access to our revolving program of interesting activities and services for residents in Kensington (zip code - 20895). 

The Villages of Kensington is a place to meet and make new friends!  It is a way to keep active, connected, healthy and engaged. 

  • Would you like to get out and do something different and fun?
  • Would you like to meet some new neighbors and maybe make new friends?
  • Have you found to your dismay your social network has dwindled? 
  • Have you been stuck and needed transportation because of a temporary or permanent disability and can’t get out to do errands or to healthcare visits?
  • Would you like to learn (or learn more) about using a computer, tablet, or smartphone?
  • Do you need assistance with minor house repairs (even changing a hard-to-reach light bulb) or with pulling weeds or other minor yard work?
  • Would you like to put your skills to use and meet others in the neighborhood?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these or similar questions, you are not alone!  

The Villages of Kensington is for you!  Join us! 



The Villages of Kensington (VoK) is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization of neighbors connecting with neighbors. We formalize, expand and enhance the neighborly supports and networks already in place in some Kensington locations. 

VoK develops a calendar of social activities each month for Kensington residents. We are cultivating interest groups among our membership and linking neighbors with similar interests.  We also work to include a variety of outings adapted to member requests. 
Then when there are times when VoK members need a hand doing an errand or chore, our vetted & trained volunteers can help.  It could be help with a ride to the doctor, a friendly visit, or help with chores.  It could entail picking up a few items at the supermarket or someone to accompany you to a healthcare appointment. 

VoK supports the intergenerational quality-of-life needs of all residents in Greater Kensington, Maryland (20895).

Questions?  Comments?  
Contact us at or call (301) 509-0191 and leave a message.  We'll return your call as soon as possible.

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Special Thanks to: Andy Fraser of Sandglass for technical and development assistance and Jill Gallagher for logo design.

Villages of Kensington, Inc., does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, marital status, housing status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical, mental, or developmental disability.